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Dear Parents,

We are living in the age where the world is shrinking and the scope of knowledge is enlarging and we have to learn fast to keep abreast with the latest inventions and advancements taking place all around us. Time and space are being conquered. Life is a process of constant learning. A bend in road does not mean the end of the road. The aim of education is also to make one mentally tough as well as to chisel the students into good and responsible citizens.


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Curricular Activities

Pinewood School Activities

Class 1st to 5th

At Pinewood education surpasses the confines of a traditional classroom. We aim at developing the intellectual, physical, moral and social skills of our students.To achieve these objectives we strike a balance between reading, writing, arithmetic as well as numerous co-curricular Activities. Here is a peek at some of the innumerable ativities our Children from Classes I to V indulged in during the Session 2019-20.

Recent Activities

Thrilled to have Ms.Gemma Strong

from Newcastle Preparatory School, UK, Sharing her Valuable experience with Pinewood

Republic Day Celebration 2020


Improve your doodling skills.